The Sgurr Of Eigg
The Sgurr of Eigg dominates the island of Eigg, especially on a lovely clear day with blue skies.  But as you travel around the Small Isles and beyond, the distinctive shape of the Sgurr of Eigg is one of the most easily recognisable landmarks that can be seen from both boats and from other islands.

Above - Great views of the Neigbouring islands. In the near distance is Rum with its larger and higher hills.  I have been to Rum a few times, but have yet to climb any of its peaks.


Below - the summit of An Sgurr is only 391m above sea level, yet it feels much higher due to the relatively steep drop down to the sea and the distant views over many other Hebridean Islands and the Scottish mainland.

I don't often show pictures of myself on my website, indeed, I don't often have my picture taken, I prefer being "the other side of the camera".  But here is an image of me on top of An Sgurr, on top of Eigg.