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Hello And A Big Welcome To Nigel Spencer Photography
When not at work, I can often be found behind my camera, and more often than not the subject in front of my lens is wildlife related.  I am interested in a wide range of wildlife from rare birds and animals through to the birds visiting the feeders in my garden.  I am particularly interested in wildlife in macro and have photographed all of the 58 species of British butterfly.
I live in South Leicestershire and have always lived in the Midlands.  I have been interested in photography for a long time and purchased my first digital SLR in 2006.  Since then I have purchased a few specialist items such as macro lens.  In the years since, I have upgraded both the camera body and lenses a few times.

I have always been interested in the outdoors, wildlife, and wild places, when I was younger spent a lot of time climbing in the mountains of Britain and further afield.  As a result I built my first website back in March 1989 and the website content was based on the peaks which I have climbed, these included Mt. Blanc, Kilimanjaro, and over 200 Munros (I really must try and complete the remaining Munros sometime).  Indeed one of the images at the top of this page is of me on my 200th Munro.

My current website is my attempt to showcase my wildlife photography, I have been fortunate enough to have photographed some great species in many differing parts of the world.  I particularly enjoy photographing in cold places such as Northern Finland, Norway, Iceland, and around the Arctic circle. During this time, I was able to watch and photograph the Northern Lights and several tough species.

Like many photographers, there is a long and growing list of places I would like to visit and species to see.  These include more of our native British species some of which are very hard to photograph.  I like visiting more remote and wildness areas, St. Kilda which is about 100 miles off the west coast of Scotland is one of the places within the British Isles which is high on my list of places to visit.  In the longer term, I would I would love to visit Antarctica and see Emperor, Adelle, and Chin Strap penguins on the ice.

As well as maintaining this website, I am often to be found researching and planning trips to faraway places with my camera.  Equally often I am found local to my home searching for new species to photograph.  However good your images are, there are always better images to be taken. Better angles, better light, and hopefully both.



In my opinion, my main photographic achievement to date is putting together a panel of 15 images which was awarded an ARPS with the Royal Photographic Society during September 2014.

Further details of this and to see my panel, please visit the awards page in the left hand menu.


Having built up a sizable collection of wildlife images, I enjoy giving illustrated lectures to local wildlife groups and photographic clubs.  The most requested of my lectures is "The Wildlife Of the Falkland Islands".
For further details of this and other lectures details can also be found in the left hand menu.


The vast majority of my images are Nature images that have been taken within the Wildlife photography code of practice.  My image processing is also within ethic guidelines, i do not add or remove much from my images.

I do produce the occasional "arty images" such as this pair of burnt Tip orchids below.  But I always state any created images that have altered reality in photoshop.


Wildlife in Macro is an area of photography that I enjoy doing and each year, I spend a lot of time trying to photograph our smaller wildlife.

I enter a few external competitions each year.  The highlight being the 40th Smethwick international exhibition in 2014, where I was awarded 2 gold and 1 silver meadals including the Best Nature print for my European Brown Bear.


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If you wish to contact me, then please use the contact Nigel page.  It would be good to hear from you.
Nigel Spencer
Feburary 2012
updated February 2015