Over the past couple of years, I have been a supporter of the John Muir Trust which is a fantastic conservation charity based in Pitlochry in central Scotland.

I am really am pleased to support them and that they have chosen to use a selection of my images to help with their work.  These images have been used for a variety of uses which include:
Christmas cards, calendars, diaries, advertising, and newsletters.


This page is part of a long term ongoing project that the John Muir Trust and myself are jointly involved with.

This project aims to showcase a selection of my British wildlife images, which are being exhibited by the John Muir Trust in their "Wild Speces" gallery in their Pitlochry headquarters during May and June 2021.

The exhibition was due to be be held in November 2020, but due to the ongoing Covid situation this obviously had to be postponed. 

"Wild Britain 2021"

Now that the Covid restrictions are being lifted, I am pleased to report that the rescheduled Wild Britain Exhibition will be held in the headquarters of the John Muir Trust in their gallery in Pitlochry, Perthshire.  Exact dates to be confirmed with the JMT when Scotland formally allows shops and indoor atractions to reopen.  But the exhibition is expected to run from 11th May until the end of June.

This exhibition will feature the images below as a mixture of large aluminuim prints 30 inches in width, as well as more traditional framed prints.  The exhibition will be open for visitors as part of the regular John Muir Trust conservation exhibition and shop.

Entry is free, and my images will be available for visitors to purchase, a large percentage of all sales goes directly to the John Muir Trust which in turn directly benefits their ongoing conservation work.  As well as the images featred below on this webpage, there will be a good selection of other images available to purchase as mounted prints.

Golden Eagle
One of the most iconic of our British birsd is the golden eagle, this image was one of the six images that the John Muir trust used as part of their 2020 Christmas card collection supporting their valued and ongoing conservation work.
Bohemian Waxwing
The waxwing is always a popular bird with birdwatchers, nature lovers, and photographers.  This particular image was awarded the best image in the 2019 Nature competition held by the Royal Photographic Society and is available as both a traditional framed print and as a high quality large aluminium image.
Black Grouse Lecking
This Ptarmigan was featured as one of the six images in the John Muir Trust 2020 Christmas card collection, and is also used as part of their advertising.
Black Throated Diver
Brown Hare
Red Deer
It is always a fantastic sight to see (and to photograph) a lovely Red Deer Stag, the most famous of all our British deer.  This lovely male was undisturbed by my presence whilst looking straight at my camera lens, he features as one of the high quality high gloss alumiuim prints which are 30 inches in width as part of the exhibition.
Greater Spotted Woodpecker
This picture of one of our lovely cute British mammals has not been seen before on my website, but I chose it as part of the exhibition.  It is very hard to choose ony 20 - 30 images of our British wildlife when there is so many to choose from.  But how could I not include a Badger?
Crested Tit on a Pine Sapling
White Tailed Eagle
Short Eared Owl
Pine Marten
A classic Scottish mammal that everyone wants to see on any visit to the Highlands, which was once seen across a much wider range.  I am pleased to report that they are doing much better over recent years thanks to better land management, legal protection, and the long term help of many wildlife charities.
Red Grouse
One of only a small number of birds that are endemic and found only in Britain.  They always look great during  the summer months when the lovely pink and purple heather comes into flower.  They can be seen on many of the mountain and moorland habitats that are owned and managed for our wildlife by the John Muir Trust.
Silver Studded Blue Butterfly
This eye catching image of one of Britain's rarest butterflies was used by the conservation charity as the cover for one of their guidebooks.  It also features as both a traditional framed print and a 30 inches wide aluminuin print as part of the "Wild Britain" exhibition.
Chequered Skipper
The Chequered Skipper is unfortunately an endanged British butterfly.  It went extinct in England many years ago, but was reintroduced into Rockingham Forest a couple of years ago.  They are more commonly seen in the North West Highlands and this particular butterfly was photographed on a Butterfly Conservation nature reserve north of Oban a couple of years ago.  It feaured in the John Muir Trust 2020 Wild Nature calendar.
Dandelion Clock
Some people may think of the dandelion as a weed, and others may think of it as a lovely wild flower, I guess that depends on its location, it will always be better recieved in a wild flower meadow than in a finely managed formal lawn.  Either way, it has a fine architecture that looks great in close up.  This image is printed as a stunning 30 inches wide aluminium print as part of the "Wild Britain" exhibition.
Many of our wild flowers are found both in the wild as well as in cultivated forms, this lovely clump of five crocus was found growing wild under the shelter of trees in an old woodland.
Common Kingfisher sitting on a Bullrush
Water Vole
Choice And Availability Of Images

As with any exhibition, space is limited, and it was quite a struggle to choose all of the images that are featured.  There are a number of other species featured as mounted prints as well as several different images of some of the species seen above.

Exhibition space means that only a couple of images are available to be seen and purcased in the three formats of: traditional framed prints, mounted prints, or as large high gloss alminuim images.  But please contact me if you are unable to visit the exhibtion in Perthshire and would like to purchase any of these images.  Many  of the other images on this website can be purcased and shipped directly to any British address using secure courier.  

Contact Nigel via the "Contact Nigel" tab further down the left hand menu on this website.  - Please remember to mention the "John Muir Trust Exhibition" in your email, because I will then send a donation to the John Muir Trust as a result of any sales which will then go directly to help support their ongoing conservation work.