Do Not Look Down

I have always liked images looking down, perhaps I should purchase myself a drone.

Whilst sailing on Tonic, I took the opportunity to ascend the mast to help with some maintenance, when a bulb needed changing.  The image was taken whilst we were in Fair Isle, and obviously, I also had in mind that this may be my only opportunity to photograph this particular boat from above.

I only took three lenses on my Around Britain trip, the widest of these was a wide-angle zoom lens which for the image below was used at a focal distance of 11mm.


Whilst in the Arctic aboard the Havsel, I took the opportunity to ascend the crow's nest to get some spectacular views.  The crow's nest is 17 meters above the deck, so roughly 22 meters above the water.  To get the best views, I often used either an 11mm wide-angle zoom and occasionally a fisheye lens.  I also using my widest lens to take many images.