The Red Fox

One mammal that has had more than its fair share of controversy over the centuries is the Red Fox.  Loved by wildlife photographers due to its lovely colours, disliked by farmers, hunted for sport, and always on the agenda of conservationists.

There are at least ten fox species across the world and the Red Fox is the most numerous of them all, it has a large geographic range covering most of Europe, Northern Asia, and North America, indeed it is found across the entire Northern hemisphere.  It can be very numerous with as many as 30 foxes per square kilometre in some urban areas.  It has also been introduced to other southern countries and as a result it is thought that the world population of red foxes could be about 10 billion!!!


My Red Fox images have come from many sites ranging from my garden at home, and many other sites across both Britain and Europe right through to Canada.


Foxes look very photogenic in the winter as the fox below shows, these images were taken in Canada whilst looking for Polar Bears.  The range of the red fox is huge.