Bullfinch is a common bird that can be found in a wide range of habitats ranging from Forests, parkland and urban gardens.  There are several races, but these are all very similar and can be identified apart by the geographic region and a slightly different colour.  They have a wide range across many European countries as well as across Britain.

It is both good news and amazing just how many people feed birds in their garden, so much so that gardens are extremely important habitat and many species reply on this food during the cold winter months.  Equally gardens are great places to photograph birds and although not all of the photographs below were taken in my garden.  There is something very satisfying about taking pictures of wild subjects in your own garden.

The images below were taken from Yorkshire and Finland.

All of the above Bullfinches are male and easily recognizable by their pink/ redish breast colour.  Below is a female which is identified by the more brown colour.