The Owl

Owls are the favourite birds of many birders and wildlife photographers, as such everyone wants either to see or to photograph all of the species in their area.  There are five species of Owl in Britain, and all of these species can be seen in the fields and rough grassland areas.

Over the years I have photographed quite a few of them, but like most photographers I want to go out and get more images of Owls.  When time allows, I will be adding new pages dedicated to single species.  The majority of the images on this page are of wild birds, but a few are from bird of prey workshops.

above - Little Owl - images taken in Worcestershire
below - Tawny Owl - image taken in Shropshire
above - Short Eared Owl - image taken in Northamptonshire
below - Long Eared Owl - image taken in Hungry
below - Barn Owl from Norfolk