Some Other Birds Of The Falklands Islands

In terms of bird life, the Falkland islands are famous for the Penguins and the Black-browed Albatross and we certainly saw good numbers of each.  The Falkland Islands have a good list of other species and we saw over 50 differnet species of birds during our visit.

Amongst the endemic species of the Falklands are two species of Wren: the Cobbs Wren and the Falklands Grass Wren.  We saw both, but like many wrens they were tricky subjects to photograph.

The Long-tailed Meadow Lark with its very distinctive red breast, is not a common species.  It is often called "the Falklands Robin".  It was seen and resonably easy to photograph on many islands as well as on East Falkland.

The Long-tailed Meadow Lark is found in Southern South America, south Georgia, The South Sandwich Islands and the Falklands where it is a common bird.
The Cobbs Wren which is endemic to The Falklands
The Giant Petrel which we saw frequently on many Islands flying low over the waves and scavenging prey from the Skuas, Seals, and Sea Lions.  This was one of a few individuals we saw on one of the shingle beaches perfectly camouflaged.
The South American Tern is a widespread and common resident of the Falklands during their summer months of October to April.  Its global range is from Cape Horn through to the coasts of Brazil and Peru.
The Turkey Vulture is another of the commonly seen birds of the Falkland Islands
The Falkland Pipit was one of the more shy species we saw during our visit, and also being a small bird, it was much harder to photograph than many of the other species seen.