The Magellanic Penguin

The Magellanic penguin is simular in appearance to the African Penguin and several other penguin species.  Indeed it is also called the "Jackass penguin" which was also the former name of the name of the African Cape Penguins.  The Magellanic penguin is also found in south America where its numbers are declining.

The name "Jackass" comes from its loud call which in some areas can be heard throughout the night.  It has a large range across South America and the world population of several millions of these birds.  However it is subsectable to polution, loss of habitat and oil spills and as such is classed as threatened, it is thought that at least 40,000 birds are killed in oil spills off the South American coast each year.

The Falklands population of Magellanic Penguins is at least 250, 000 pairs and they were a very common sight on most islands during our visit.  They were noticably more timid than the other Falkland penguin species seen they were not inquisitive of humans, indeed unlike the other species seen they did not walk up to you when you sat quietly.