Some of the Many Geese And Ducks Of The Falklands
The Upland Goose, Kelp Goose, Flightless Steamer Duck, and the Yellow Billed Teal

There are a quite a few different geese species on the Falkland Islands including some endemic subspecies.  Amongst these are the Upland Goose and the Kelp Goose.  Both of these two species were common and we saw large numbers of Upland geese which were present just about everywhere we visited.

The Upland Goose is quite a sizable goose with a length of about 75 cm.  It is used for cooking but this has not stopped it becoming quite a tame bird.  The males and females are easy to tell apart with the males being white and the females brown, both having the distinctive black barred flanks although these are more noticeable and cover a greater area of the female.

The Kelp Goose is slightly about 10 cm smaller than the Upland Goose, it has a smaller population that tends to stick to rocky shores.  The male and female are also easy to tell apart with the male being almost all white and the female dark brown above but with the bars underneath.

Kelp Geese above and Upland Geese Below

The Yellow Billed Teal is also known as The Speckled Teal, as is often the case the names of some species depend on which identification book you read and how old the book is.  The Yellow Billed Teal is found across South America and since 1982 it has also been recorded in South Georgia.  

It is a dabbling duck which is the smallest of the Falkland Island ducks and is said to be both widespread and common.  It is however very shy and I was pleased to get these images below.


The Flakland Steamer Duck is one of the two Steamer ducks to be found in the Falklands and is endemic to the islands.  Known locally as "the Logger" it is a common bird with a population of over 15, 000 pairs.  In South America there is a simular species of flightlss steamer duck but the South american one which is found along the southern coasts of South America is a larger species and is known as the Magellanic steamer Duck.

The Flying Steamer duck is much more uncommon in The Falklands with an estimated population of under 500 pairs, it is also found in South America.

above the Falkland Steamer Duck