Red Throated Diver

Red Throated Diver is the smallest of the Divers that are found in Britain, it is very much one of the more Northerly Diver species and is more common in the sub Arctic regions of Scandinavia, Iceland, Russia, and North America.   In North America, it is named the Red Throated Loon.

Red Throated Divers are generally migratory, and in Britain, we have a winter population of 15,000 birds, but many of these divers are mainly winter visitors and can be found on our shores and reservoirs feeding during the colder and harsher conditions encountered further North. Many return North in March and April, thus leaving us with a summer breeding population of about 1200 to 1500 pairs.

The images below were taken in Iceland where the red Throated Diver is a more common bird and can easily be seen and photographed on the many lochans and tundra.