Great Northern Diver

Great Northern Divers are as their name suggests one of the Northern species of Divers and can be found breeding on the tundra regions of many far north counties.  Their distinctive summer plumage makes them easy to identify and they are a popular photographic target.

During the winter months they migrate further south and can often be seen along our coastline during the migration period.  They can also sometimes be seen on the coast and on inland waterways during the winter as they look for food.  During the winter they are usually in winter plumage which is far less bright and quite grey.  But occasionally they can be seen in full summer plumage during the autumn as they head south for the colder winter months. 

They are not a common bird in Britain, with only 2000 birds during the winter months.  Occasionally there are a few in Northern Scotland and Shetland during the summer, but the number of birds involved is very limited and rarely reaches double figures.


The images below were taken at a range of different places including Iceland, Rutland Water, and a boating lake near Cheltenham.