The Dipper

The Dipper is a smallish compact bird of about 18cm that is easy to idntify due to it's habitat and behaviour, it is found bobbing about in the "dipping" movement which gives it its name. It is a strong powerful swimmer that in the right habitat is a common bird that can often be seen in the faster flowing rivers and streams of Northern England, Scotland, and Wales.  Unfortunately it is on the decline and care should be taken not to disturb it, particularly during the nesting season.  The Dipper is found in many streams and fast flowing rivers throughout quite a large range in Europe.

The Dipper we have in Britian is the "White Throated" species which has a red-brown belly, in Northern Europe the Dipper sub species is the Black Bellied Dipper which has a brown-black belly.

The images below were taken in Northern Finland, and are of the Black Bellied Dipper.