One of the most sought after birds by both bird watchers and wildlife photographers is the Bohemian Waxwing.  It is about the same size as a Starling, but is easily recognised by its vivid wing colours, and crown on the head.  Waxwings are a common bird in Scandinavia, particularly in Finland and the North of Russia.  Waxwings live in the forest but venture out in the search for food, some winters they often fly across to Britain when the weather is cold in search of food.  Waxwings can often be found as solitary birds or in flocks that can reach several hundred strong.  They are known as "the supermarket bird" due to the fact thy can often be seen in supermarket car parks in flocks feeding on Rowan and other ornamental berries of the shrubs which are often planted there.

I have seen Waxwing in both Britain and in Finland and these photographs were taken in both countries.