Fallow Deer

Fallow Deer are often overlooked a bit as they tend to live in the same areas as Red Deer, and many people  go out looking for the reds and treat watching and photographing the fallows as a bit of a second best species.  They tend to spend most of the year in large single sex herds until the autumn when they come together for the annual rut. Like the red deer, they need to be treated with respect and viewed from a safe distance.

They are an introduced species originally from the Mediterranean and middle eastern countries but are now widespread.  They are the most numerous of the British deer, are found in almost every county in England and Wales, the total population is about 100,000.  Fallows are a medium sized deer that can become very tame in some of the many deer parks where it is easy to see them.  they are also found around many stately homes and large national Trust properties, with their natural predators of wolves, bears, etc long gone, there is little to control them and their numbers are growing rapidly particularly in large areas of suitable habitat like the New Forest.