The Nutcracker

One of the lesser known species of European birds is the Nutcraker.  There are two species of Nutcraker across the world, one is called the Spotted Nutcracker, which is also called the Eurasian Nutcracker and the other is called the Clarkes Nutcraker.

These images are all of the Eurasian Nutcraker which at about 32 cm long is the same size as a Jay.  It lives across a wide range of Europe, and Asia.  Indeed it is found as far east as the Himalayas and Japan.  It is found in coniferous forests is that it feeds on a wide range of seeds and pines.

I have seen and photographed the Eurasian Nutcrackers twice, once in Sweden, and once in Bulgaria where they were feeding on Apollo Pine at a Ski resort in snowy conditions.