The Zebra

There are three species of Zebra, Plains, Grevy's, and Mountain. Two of these are endangered, and the third, the Plains Zebra is a common animal across Africa.  It can be found in some large heards, but they are also happy as small groups.

Allthough reasonably closely related to several aninals such as the Ass, the Donkey, the Horse, one of the main differences are that zebras have never really been domesticated.

The Zebra has fasinating markings and stripes, each one is different, and the closer you get, the more interesting the actual patterns are.

It is a relatively common species on safari, and as such the images below are a few from the many zebra images that I taken in both south Africa and Botswana.


It is rare for me to convert an image to black and white, but one of my Zebra images above seemed to be a worthwhile candidate.