The Southern Right Whale

Africa is obviously very well known for some of the finest mammals on Earth, and millions of visitors go on an African safari each year to see the Lions, Rhino, Elephants and some of the best wildlife the world has to offer.

But some of the best whale watching is also to be found in Africa.  Indeed the town of Hermanus is often referred to as the best place for land based whale watching on earth.

Along the coast, there is a number of places where whales, sharks, dolphins and other marine mammals can be reasonably easily seen if you visit at the right time of year.

These Southern Right Whales below were seen in September which is at the start of the whale watching season.  The images were taken from both land and from a whale watching boat trip.  It was the start of the whale watching season and we saw several whales the total number probably into double figures.
We visited the two well known whale spots of Hermanus and Pletenburg, and both produced stunning views of whales.  Whale watching is a fast growing area of wildlife tourism and South Africa is seen as a destination for whale watching as well as wildlife safari.