White Tailed Eagle

The White-tailed Eagles is also known as "the Sea Eagle", and is very similar looking to the African Fish Eagle and the American Bald Eagle.  The White-tailed Eagle is Britians biggest bird of prey and stands almost a metre tall and has a huge wingspan of up to 245 cm.  Due to persecution they were wiped out from Scotland in the early 1900s.  It was also hunted in Scandinavia where numbers also dropped and by the 1960s it was an uncommon bird across Western Europe.  Scotland is the far west of their range, they can be found across Northern Scandinavia, along Russian North coast and forests.  

The Scottish re-introduction programme started in 1975 and has seen numbers steadily increase, it is now relatively easy to see White-tailed Eagles on Mull, Rhum, and Skye.  It possible to see quite large numbers along the North West coast of Norway, is possible to photograph these birds in Scotland, Sweden, and Finland. But the photos were taken in Norway.