There are almost 40 species of dolphins found in the oceans, seas, and coasts of the world.  The most common of these dolphin species is "common short-beaked dolphin" which has a number of names such as cape dolphin, and common dolphin which is the name it is known by in Britain and Europe.  It is usually found in groups which are known as pods which vary in size from 10 up to over 100 individuals.  The smallest dolphin in the world is the Maui Dolphin at 1.2 metres long and 40 kg.  The largest dolphin in the world is the Killer Wales also known as Orca whale.

These images below were taken off the coast of Madeira in September 2011, and are off Bottle Nosed Dolphin and Rough Toothed Dolphins.
The bottle nosed is an oceanic bottle found across most of the waters across the globe apart from the colder Arctic and Antarctic waters.  This ranges from Norway down to South Africa and a water temperature of 10 to 32 deg. C. This dolphin which is split into two species the common bottle nosed, and the Indo Pacific bottle nosed.  They tend to live in small pods of between 10 and 30 individuals.  They are usually between 3 and 4.2 metres long, they are good swimmers and can reach 30 km per hour.
The Rough toothed Dolphin is a warm water species found across many areas and is between 2 and 2.8 metres in length and weighs between 90 and 155 kg.