Wild Garlic - Ramsons

As you walk through old woodlands each April and May, it is often possible to smell the wild Garlic before it is seen, the aroma of these delicate white flowers can carry for long distances on windy days.  Wild Garlic or "Ramsons" as it is also known is a member of the onion family which grows from a bulb and is a member of the Allium family.

Unfortunately many of our British wild flowers are in decline and some species are particularly hard to find.  But it is still possible to see some of our British Wild Flowers in huge numbers at many locations.  These include Bluebells and Cowslips, but one of the great spectacles of the spring is the covering of the forest floor in Ramsons wild garlic.  It is a common plant in shady areas of forest and is found across Britain in a variety of locations from river banks through to limestone pavements.  it can grow from 10 cm up to 50 cm in height with leaves of a similar length.