Red Deer

Red Deer are another of the species that many wildlife photographers are attracted to, especially during the annual rut each autumn.  They are the biggest of the British deer species that can regularly be seen at a distance when walking across our most mountain and moorland areas.  Allthough the numbers are greater in Scotland, they have a large range across the whole of Britain which extends as far south as Dartmoor and Exmoor in Devon.

Despite their large size, wild Red Deer are notoriously difficult to approach and photograph due to their distrust of humans which has been built after many centuies of hunting.  Therefore many photographers find it much easier to capture their images of parkland deer, which live in a semi wild state.  Indded living in the East Midlands, I am fortunate to live within easy driving distance to some reasonably easy to photograph Red Deer.

With a bit of patience and luck it is however also possible to photograph red deer in a more wild setting, the images below were taken on a vist to Uist.