British Wild Orchids

There are around sixty different Orchid species in Britain and sadly most are in decline because of a variety of reasons which include habitat loss.  The selection of images below is just a small section of these.

Luckily not all orchids are threatened and several species can be photographed reasonably easily near to my home in the midlands, starting with two of the commonly seen species, Common Spotted and Early Purple Orchid.

Pyramidal orchid below, images from various locations in the midlands.
Below is the Fly Orchid, images taken in Derbyshire
Below is the Lizard Orchid which is more uncommon which was photographed in Cambridgeshire.
Above is the Fragrant Orchids, and below is the early Spider Orchid which is seen at several well known sites including Dorset & Kent.  At the bottom of the page is a Greater Butterfly Orchid flower head from Shropshire.
below the Green Winged Orchid. the image was taken in Dorset.