The Fragrant Orchid

The Fragrant orchid is a medium sized orchid of up to 25 cm in height, but 10 to 15 cm is more is a more common length.  It has doesn't have many flowers, and these tend to be at ground level.  It is found on ground consisting of chalk or limestone. It is reasonably common across a wide range which consists of Southern England as well as Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.  It is also found in North America, across Europe and in some Asian countries.

It gets its name from the strong fragrant smell which can often be more noticeable in the evening.  It flowers between late May and July and although these are usually pink in colour, they can vary between white and purple in colour.  They can be found in large densities at some sites.

The fragrant orchid was a single species of Orchid, but has now been split into sub species.  These three different species of Fragrant Orchids in Britain are: Common, Heath, and Marsh.  The different identification between them is different shaped petals.  in some counties all three species occur together (for example in south east Cumbria).

I think the images below are all of the Common Fragrant Orchid.  They were taken at more than one site all were in Southern England.