Burnt Tip Orchid

The Burnt Tip orchid is found on chalkland habitat amoungst the flower meadows, it was once quite a common orchid and allthough it it is not rare it is certainly in decline.  Like many orchids, it is often found on shortish unimproved grass.  Most of the Burnt Orchid sites are in Southern england on the chalk downs of Wiltshire and surronding counties allthough I have seen them at a well known site near the Lincolnshire coast.

It is an easy to recognise species with white flowers with crimson dots and distinctive dark crimson tip, the tip can be very dark and can appear almost black on some occasions when the flowers are young and in tight bud.

it can grow in quite large numbers at some sites where there is favourable habitat and not too much disturbance.  may and June are the best months to see this lovely orchid in flower.  Its height varries.