The Crinan Canal

Over the years I have been fortunate to have spent quite a bit of time on a wide selection of boats, this has included a circumnavigation of Britian in a single seven week trip, working as a wildlife guide on a "live a board" motorised boat in the Hebrides, An expedition to the High Arctic and the pack ice looking for Polar Bears where we managed to get to 420 miles from the North Pole, along with various other boat crewing activities.  But however, during these fantastic activities I did not own a drone.  I should definately have purchased a drone a few years ago...

I have always lived in the Midlands, and this has always been within a short distance of Britains canal network, I have often walked along our towpaths, but never actually been on a canal boat.  Hopefully this will change at some point, as there are several well known canals which i would really like to explore when an opputunity arises.

Recently, I have been crewing on a sailing yacht on a 1000+ nautical mile journey from Gosport to the Kyles of Bute.  The vast majority of this time were on the sea and visited some fantastic locations including the Isles of Scily, Lundy, the Isle of Man, Northern Ireland, and several other locations.  We also completed an East to West crossing through the Crinan Canal in Western Scotland, followed a few weeks later by the return West to East.

I certainly enjoyed my first canal transit, it was fairly short as the whole end to end journey is just under ten miles.  We had the hottest weather of out trip, and I also got the opputunity to put the drone up into the air on several occasions.

Below is the small village of Crinan which is at the Western end of the canal and it also gives the canal its name.
The boat which I was crewing through the canal was this sailing yacht.  We were a crew of two, the boat is a fully equipped ocean going yacht more than capable of an around the world circumnavigation.  It is a Swedish built Hallberg Rassy, and is 12 meters / 40 feet in length.

This is very much a page in progress, but I hope very soon to add more details of this canal trip.