Drone Photography Page On Instagram

As social media is an important element of photography, i have started a dedicated Drone Photography Insta page where I hope to showcase a selection of my images from the skies.  This is in addition to the drone photography pages on my web site, and the two are not meant to compete with each other.  But it is sometimes easier to quickly add an image on instagram rather than update either this website, or my blog on this website.  I also feel keeping my drone images together works well as a concept. 


Although I already have an Instagram profile on which I post a selection of wildlife and travel images, I had been considering a separate instagram page for quite a while.  As a result, I decided to launch the new page on Friday 19th August 2022, the reason that I chose this date, is that it was the 2022 "World Photography Day" and I felt that it was a good starting point for showcasing an increasingly popular aspect of modern photography.

My new  "Nigel Spencer Sky Photo"  instagram page can be found at:



If you are a user of Instagram, please spare a few minutes and take a look, there are many more drone images on  my instagram site than there are on this web page.  Although I intend to grow both my insta web page and this website over the forthcoming months.

If you like my instagram page, please "follow" the page for regular updates when I add new images.

A big thank you to everyone that supports my photography, for your ongoing support, it is really appreciated.


Within a few weeks of starting my Nigel Spencer Sky Photo Instagram page, I had over 200 people following my new insta page.  This is really good news and also gives me lots of positive encouragement.

I would like to take this opputunity to thank everyone for their fantastic support.