Nigel Spencer Photography Calendars
Most years, I produce a wildlife photography calendar.  Some examples and some of the pages can be seen below.

My calendars are produced for family and friends and not as a comercial venture.  They are often not printed until the last minute and then that leaves me a bit of a rush to deliver.  Many are sent with Christmas cards and are posted across Britain, Europe, and further afield.

The print run will varry each year, but is usually around 100, and by mid December of each year, it is usual for only a few remain.

Allthough I don't really sell them, Please contact me if you would like more info, or would like to purchase one, as usually there are a few remaining each year.

These are £10 each (plus postage where I am unable to deliver), with PayPal being the preferred payment method.

If anyone wants any greetings cards in the same order, I will discount even further, and put these in the same delivery envelope.


Allthough my journey to the Arctic produced a good range of species, I decided to have a single species of "Polar Bears" as my 2019 calendar.



The design of of my 2017 calendar was "Wild Britain"



For 2016, I have chose "British Wildlife" as the theme for my calendars.

Below is a screenshot of the cover and of the July page where I have chose a Badger image.  This image was taken in Southern Scotland, was my most popular image on facebook of the previous year with over 750 likes.




I have chose images from my ARPS pannel "The Northern Wilderness" as the theme for my 2015 calendar.  It was a hard job to pick 12 of the 15 images from the panel to represent the 12 months.

Below is a screenshot of the cover and of the "April" page, where i chose my image of a Black Throated Diver.



"Penguins Of The Falkland Islands" was the theme for my 2014 calendar


above - Gentoo Penguins which is featured as the April 2014 image

below - Rockhopper Penguin which is featured as the June 2014 image



For our 2014 calendars, Sue and I decided to publish these as charity calendars, Sue and I are covering the cost of printing and postage.  All proceeds from the sales of calendars will go directly to a great charity that Sue is involved with, called "Dogs for the Disabled".

If anyone would like to donate to Dogs for the Disabled, please do so via the following link

Sue Malpas - Just Giving . com

or text

"SUEM51 £10"  to 70070

You can replace the "£10" for whatever amount you would like to give


If you would like more details of Dogs Please then please email Sue or myself, or look at the London Marathon page of this website as Sue is also running the London Marathon for this great charity.


My 2013 calendar was themed on African Animals


above - Chettah - April 2013

below - Barbary Lion - September 2013


There was no calendar in 2012.
My 2010 and 2011 calendars were both themed on Birds