2014 London





As some of you may know, I am a active member of the Leicestershire Supporters Group of  “Dogs for the Disabled”.  The group raises local awareness as well as much needed funds.

In April 2014, I will be running the Virgin London Marathon in aid of Dogs for the Disabled, and has set myself the challenge to raise £2000 for this great charity.

Dogs for the Disabled is a small charity that does not rely on a large national budget.  All help, however small really makes a difference to their ability to change the lives of many people for the better. 


Dogs for the Disabled is a pioneering charity that trains assistance dogs for children and adults with physical disabilities, and families with a child with autism.

Through practical tasks our dogs offer freedom and independence, but in addition an assistance dog becomes a reason to go out, giving a new found confidence that opens doors to fresh opportunities including friendships, hobbies, education and even careers. The partnerships we create between people with disabilities and dogs are life changing.


The picture below is me with Lizzie and Frodo
Frodo is a Dogs for the Disabled assistance dog. 
Further Information on Dogs for the Disabled can be found on their Website   www.dogsforthedisabled.org


Dogs for the Disabled is a Registered Charity

England & Wales: 1092960
Scotland: SCO 39828