The John Muir Trust  

It is always a pleasure to support some of our smaller British charities with their conservation work, and over the years, I have helped a number of charities by donating images which have been used for a wide variety of uses including book covers, calendars, greetings cards, and advertising.  These charities have included: The Badger Trust, Butterfly Conservation, and the John Muir Trust.

The John Muir Trust is a conservation charity dedicated to helping preserve some of our British wilderness and wild spaces.  They are based in Pitlochry in Perthshire.

Some of the images used by the John Muir Trust are shown below:  
Golden Eagle  
One of the most iconic of our British birsd is the golden eagle, this image was one of the six images that the John Muir Trust used as part of their 2020 Christmas card collection supporting their valued and ongoing conservation work.  
This Ptarmigan featured as another of the six images in the John Muir Trust 2020 Christmas card collection, and is also used as part of their advertising.  
Common Dolphins  
This Image of two common dolphins which were photographed in the seas surrounding the Hebrides and was used in the John Muir Trust 2020 Wild Nature calendar.  
Chequered Skipper  
The Chequered Skipper is unfortunately an endanged British butterfly.  It went extinct in England many years ago, but was reintroduced into Rockingham Forest a couple of years ago.  They are more commonly seen in the North West Highlands and this particular butterfly was photographed on a Butterfly Conservation nature reserve north of Oban a couple of years ago.  It feaured in the John Muir Trust 2020 Wild Nature calendar.  
The Beaver has been in the news recently as part of an ongoing reintroduction programme, this includes several well known locations including both the west coast and central Scotland along with a site in Devon.  They have been featured on television including BBC Countryfile and several other pulications.  This image was used by the John Muir Trust in their 2021 "Wild Nature" desk Diary.