Six Spot Burnet Moth

The Six Spot Burnet moth is one of our common day flying moths which is resident in a large areas of Britain.  It is a common moth which is found in many meadows and grassland.   It is 15 - 19mm in length.  It is found on a variety of grassland areas where its larval food plant of Common Bird's-foot trefoil is found.  It also likes thistles and knapweeds and can often be seen flying around its local area in search of a mate.

There are several other similar looking Burnet moths which include: Scotch Burnt, Five Spot Burnet, New Forest Burnet, and others.  But the Six Spot Burnet is the most common of all of the Burnet moth group.  The six spot Burnet is the only one to have six separate red spots on the forewing, the red patch at the base is divided by a vein and counts as two spots!!.  Sometimes the red colour of the spots are replaced by yellow spots but this is very rare.