Four Spot Chaser

The Four Spotted Chaser is a very common and widespread dragonfly found throughout Britain, it is 39 to 48mm in length.  They are similar in both size and appearance to a few other dragonfly species, but the four spots (one on each wing) are a clear identification feature of the species.

They are found in many places where there is open water with good vegetation and can often be seen early morning and evenings resting on various reeds, grasses, flowers, and other perches.  It is also found on heathland and other damp habitat.  It has a relatively long flight period from mid April through to September.  They are found across a very wide range of Europe and North America including as far north as Alaska.

They mate on the wing and the female then hovers just above the water where she lays her eggs onto vegetation just below the water surface.  The larvae feed on aquatic life including tadpoles and the adult dragonfly feeds on gnats, flies, midges, mosquitos, etc.  Once they warm their wings and fly during the warmth of the day, they can be territorial and can chase other dragonflies away in their search for females to mate with.