2016 Great British Small Print Exhibition


As part of the FIAP distinctions, you have to get a number of prints accepted into international exhibitions.  The number required is 4 for the AFIAP distinction and 10 for the EFIAP.

The vst majority of my international acceptances have been for digital images, indeed I have only entered prints into two or three exhibitions prior to the start of 2016. 

I therefore decided to enter the 2016 Great British Small Print Exhibition to try and get some more prints accepted and thus boost my print acceptances that would be needed as part of an EFIAP application.

The British Small Print exhibition is actually three separate exhibitions, one in Scotland at Solway, the other two in England, one in Carlisle and the other at Hoylake.
The entrant enters prints up to A4 size into the small Print Exhibition and then the print gets judged into each of the three individual exhibitions.  In theory, each image can get up to three acceptances.
In the past, European Brown Bear image which was taken a few years ago in Finland has had a mixed reception as a digital image, but has done well as a print image.
In the 2016 Great British Small print exhibition, this image was accepted into all three separate exhibitions.  It also won two Gold medals.
In Solway, it was awarded a FIAP Gold
and in Carlisle, it was awarded a PSA Gold
My Arctic Fox image was awarded a FIAP Ribbon in Solway, and a judges award in Carlisle
My Waxwing was awarded a FIAP Ribbon in Solway

I was therefore very pleased to have been awarded five awards, and the total number of acceptances was 19 images.  This was a great result, and made a huge positive impapct on the number of print acceptances needed for my EFIAP.