Royal Photographic Society Journal  

I am proud to announce that four of my images along with the hanging plan from my ARPS panel have been published in the March 2015 edition of the RPS journal  (volume 155).

A screen shot of the journal pages is shown below:


For those of you who are members of the RPS, the article is in volume 155 of the RPS journal and can be found on pages 186 and 187.

As well as the article in this months RPS journal, my panel is also featured in the distinctions section of the RPS Website along with a few images.

Click Here to a link to My ARPS panel on the RPS website

But in my opinion the images look too dark on the RPS distinctions page and look much more their true colour on my own page which is at Nigel Spencer ARPS panel


The RPS has also used as an example of an ARPS nature panel at RPS events during 2015.


I must admit I am really pleased with all the positive comments and publicity that gaining my ARPS has created both at the time and since.
I am also very happy that the RPS has chosen to use my panel add my work in journal, website, and events.  It is always lovely when others like an appreciate my images.